Nancy BrandsmaA little about the artist. Then straight to the art.

Artistic Statement — Nancy’s work explores the imaginary world of living things and the insecurity of human beings. She has found that painting is an excellent avenue to liberate herself, like writing in an intimate journal except that it is openly exposed on canvas for all to see. In her works she explores textures and colour depths and their impact on the observer. She is particularly interested in creating vivid or rarely seen colour juxtapositions that suggest continued fluidity. Colour is for her, primordial as it awakens, attracts and moves to action, it’s power unmatched. As she paints, she likes to feel a bond of oneness between her and the canvas and she often uses her hands to sculpt the paint. She is generally not interested in staying true to forms but leans more towards abstraction where her state of mind is translated by means of colours and textures. Her works seek to unshackle one from their inner anguish and to replace it with freedom and possibilities.

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